Dr. Adnan I Qureshi

It is with great pleasure I introduce the International Congress of Interventional Neurology and the International Society of Interventional Neurology. The field of interventional neurology has expanded and evolved over the last two decades. The field has a global perspective and we must all work together to advance research and patient care to unparalleled dimensions. The International Congress of Interventional Neurology has served such a platform for the last 6 years. The Congress has been held in Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and most recently in Hyderabad, India. Several affiliate meetings have been held across the globe. The International Society of Interventional Neurology has published several position papers on issues which are of key importance to patient care and field of interventional neurology. We hope that your participation will allow the field to grow to new dimensions.

Adnan Qureshi, MD

President, ISIN
Professor of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Radiology